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AGDA KARLSSON (1950-2020)

Place of birth: Stockholm, Sweden


Secretarial Technician, 1971.

Work experience:
Executive secretary in various companies in Sweden, 1971-1990.

Main milestones

  • Agda emigrated from Sweden to the United States in 1990 in search of new opportunities. She settled in a small town with her family. Her decision to emigrate was a pivotal milestone in her life.

  • Over the years, Agda demonstrated an unwavering commitment to her family. She prioritized the education and emotional well-being of her children, encouraging them to pursue their dreams and personal values.

  • Agda faced difficult times, including the loss of her husband in a car accident. She faced these adversities with courage and love, providing emotional support to her children and building a strong family.

Three situations he faced and solutions:

  • Upon immigrating to the United States, Agda faced the challenge of adapting to a new culture and learning a new language. She embraced diversity, enrolled in English classes and encouraged her children to maintain and celebrate their Swedish roots.

  • After the tragic loss of her husband, Agda became a single mother. She prioritized open communication with her children and sought out family and friends to ensure that her children received the support they needed.

  • Agda emphasized the importance of education and family values. She encouraged effective communication, empathy and peaceful conflict resolution among her children. She always reminded them that family was a haven of love and support.

Main phrases, teachings and thoughts:

  • "Family is our refuge in life. In it we find love, support and strength to face any challenge".

  • "Open communication and mutual respect are the basis of a united and dignified family".


Knowledge management for new generations

1. Prioritization of family

2. Education and values

3. Resilience in the face of adversity

Following Agda Karlsson's example, new generations can prioritize family unity and love as a refuge in life. This involves dedicating quality time to the family, fostering open communication and mutual support, and being present at the most important moments in the lives of loved ones.

Agda emphasized the importance of education and family values. New generations can follow this approach, valuing education as a tool to open opportunities and promoting values such as empathy, honesty and respect at home and in society.

Agda faced difficult times with courage and love. New generations can learn to be resilient in the face of adversity by seeking positive solutions, leaning on the community and providing emotional support to loved ones in difficult times.

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