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ELLIOT STEWART (1944-2020)

Place of birth: Vancouver, Canada


Studies in Arts, University of Vancouver, 1970-1972

Work experience:

Construction worker, 1972-1975.

Waiter in local restaurants, 1975-1980.

Mountain guide and professional climber, 1981-2010.

Environmental activist and climate change advocate, 2010-2020.

Main milestones

  • Starting in 2010, Elliot became a passionate environmental advocate and activist in the fight against climate change. He founded a non-profit organization for nature conservation.

  • Elliot took on the responsibility of raising his three nephews along with his sister Colinne after the passing of their parents. This marked a milestone in his life, demonstrating his love and dedication to family.

  • For more than three decades, Elliot lived an adventurous life, climbing mountains all over the world and exploring nature in its rawest form. These experiences inspired him to advocate for wilderness preservation.

Three situations he faced and solutions:

  • As an environmental advocate, Elliot confronted some people's indifference to the climate crisis. He responded by creating awareness campaigns and promoting sustainable practices in his community.

  • Raising nieces and nephews presented an emotional and logistical challenge. Elliot and Colinne formed a strong team, providing love, education and stability to the children. They taught respect for nature and environmental responsibility.

  • During his mountaineering expeditions, Elliot faced dangerous situations, from storms to avalanches. His ability to make quick decisions and remain calm at critical moments allowed him to overcome obstacles and return safely.

Main phrases, teachings and thoughts:

  • "The Earth is our home, and it is our responsibility to take care of it for future generations".

  • "Life is an adventure. Every day is an opportunity to explore, learn and make a difference in the world".


Knowledge management for new generations

1. Environmental commitment

2. Nurturing and values

3. Adventure and exploration

Following Elliot Stewart's example, the younger generation can make an active commitment to protecting the environment and combating climate change. This involves participating in conservation initiatives, promoting sustainable practices in their community and advocating for responsible environmental policies.

Elliot's dedication to raising his nieces and nephews highlights the importance of family and family values. New generations can learn to value and support their loved ones by prioritizing love, education and stability in parenting. This fosters strong and healthy family relationships.

Elliot lived a life of adventure and exploration, which allowed him to appreciate the beauty of nature and the importance of its preservation. New generations can adopt an attitude of curiosity and exploration, connecting with nature and learning about the world around them. This can inspire greater respect and concern for the natural environment.

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